Mudjacking Might Be The Solution To Your Sinking Chicken Coop Slab

If the concrete slab under your chicken coop is sinking and cracking, you may need to call in a residential concrete mudjacking contractor to raise the slab. Concrete is an excellent floor for a chicken coop and connected storage shed since you don't have to worry about predators or rats coming up through the floor and killing your chickens, stealing eggs, or contaminating your feed.

However, when the slab starts sinking, the coop may be damaged, water may seep in, and predators may get in if the slab pulls away from the coop. Here's how residential mud jacking can help.

How Mudjacking Helps Sinking Concrete

It helps to understand what causes a concrete slab to sink. The problem is often related to poor drainage that allows water to shift or wash away the soil. Poor compaction of the soil before pouring the concrete can also be to blame. If a void develops in the soil, there is nothing to support the slab, so it sinks.

When a mudjacking contractor lifts the slab, they do it by injecting a cement mixture into the slab that goes into the soil to fill the void and stabilize loose soil. The mix creates a new base for the slab to rest on so once it's raised, it stays in place.

How Mudjacking Is Done

Your contractor has to assess the damage to determine where to drill holes to inject the cement mixture. They'll probably need to drill several holes if the sunken area is very large. Once that's done, they can hook the hose to the injection holes and pump in the cement. They can probably do this without having to dismantle the coop or disturb it since the hose is the only thing that needs to be inside the coop.

All of the wet cement goes under the slab, and it dries fast so you don't have to worry about it bothering your chickens. As the cement is pumped in, the slab lifts up. The contractor uses a level to get the slab level or at a slight slope for drainage.

When the slab is level, the injection holes are plugged and smoothed down so they blend in with the surface of the slab. The slab should be ready to use by the time the chickens come home to roost. With a solid flat floor under the coop, your chickens will be safer from predators and the coop will be stabilized and better protected from groundwater and rain.

Residential concrete mudjacking is a common way to raise all kinds of slabs, even foundation slabs. It doesn't disrupt your property too much and it hardens fast so you can walk on the slab and get back to normal activities right away.

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