Concrete Paving For Commercial Parking With Attractive Features And Durable Designs

Paving for commercial parking facilities can often be too plain and vulnerable to damage. Thus, concrete pavements are often an ideal solution to makeover commercial parking facilities with more durable and attractive paving. Features that your new concrete pavement for commercial parking might include:

Custom Textured Pavement Finishes

The plain surface of pavements is one of the first issues you may want to correct with concrete. The textured finishes can be hand-troweled and brushed into the surface of the pavement, or stamped forms can be used. Ask your concrete pavement contractor about the different types of textured surfaces that can be done for your parking facility. They might even have a portfolio of examples that you can look through to help decide the look you want for the new pavement of your parking areas.

Better Drainage and Green Space Features

The drainage of concrete pavements is also important. This can be done with a well-planned drainage system for your pavement. In addition to drainage for concrete paving, you might want to include green spaces in the design. Today, there are several solutions to do this, such as using island medians in the parking facility designs or pavements that include green areas of grass turf. The green island features can take advantage of parking lot drainage for their water and irrigation needs.

Flexible Expansion Joints for Concrete Pavements

One of the challenges with concrete pavements is preventing problems with cracking. The cracks can be caused by soil movements beneath the concrete, which can lead to other damage like potholes. When new pavements are installed, expansion joints can be added to the surfaces to allow the pavement to move independently with soil. This helps to prevent a lot of the problems that are common with concrete pavement installations.

Seal Coating and Painting to Finish Concrete Pavements

Concrete pavements can be seal-coated like other materials, which needs to be done to reduce problems with wear. When you are seal-coating concrete pavements, you may want to choose colors that accent the materials to make parking facilities more attractive. In addition to the seal-coating of concrete pavements, you may also want to add painting that can include the parking lines and details like signage or branding for your business.

The commercial concrete improvements will give you a more durable surface for pavements in parking facilities. Contact a concrete paving contractor to plan your parking facility's new pavement project.

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