3 Signs You May Need To Repair Your Foundation

A home's foundation is arguably its most important aspect. Not only does it literally serve as the basis upon which the home is built, but it is a necessary barrier against the intrusion of groundwater and soil vapor. Though foundations can be built using many different materials — stone, brick, or poured concrete, for example — they all require upkeep in order to prevent the foundation from failing and the house collapsing. Because it is usually more expensive to fix foundation issues the longer you wait, take a look below at three signs you should contact a foundation repair contractor.

1. Door Sticks and Gaps

One of the most obvious signs a foundation may be in need of repair is when doors begin to stick or when gaps begin to appear around them. Interior and exterior doors are often affected quite differently in these cases. The former will tend to stick at the top when there is an attempt to open them, while the latter may start to exhibit slight gaps. These gaps may appear at the top of the doors, causing them to appear as though they are hanging down slightly; alternatively, they may also manifest as an inability to properly close both double doors and sliding doors. 

2. Uneven Floors

Another sign that your home's foundation likely needs repairing is when you notice something is off with your floors. More specifically, you may notice that your floors have begun to creak more than normal or that there is a visible sagging in one part of the floor. This is particularly true of foundations made with beams. Some cases may be a bit harder to spot with the naked eye but can still be felt with bare feet. Pay close attention to any changes, whether subtle or obvious, you see and feel when walking through your home.

3. Cracks

While not all cracks are signs of a foundation in need of repair (minor cracks caused by the home naturally settling into the foundation are to be expected), there are some types that you should watch out for. Perhaps the most important of these is horizontal cracks, which are much less common than vertical cracks but are symptoms of foundation issues that are much more serious. Even a small one in the interior of your home is a good cause to contact a local foundation repair contractor and have the home inspected at the earliest possible convenience. 

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