Three Common Reasons Why You Would Need To Hire A Concrete Cutting Service

A concrete cutting surface does exactly what their name implies; they are able to cut through concrete surfaces. However, many people who have not had to use this type of service before may wonder why someone would want to cut through concrete. Here are three common reasons why you may need to hire a concrete cutting service. 

You Need to Access a Pipe Below Concrete

One of the most common reasons why concrete would need to be cut is to access something beneath the concrete. This can include many different items, including wiring, but pipes are the most common item that are found below concrete surfaces. If you have a pipe that has burst or you need to replace the plumbing in your home or business, a concrete cutting service may need to cut through the subfloor in your space and/or the driveway to access pipes. Strategic cuts can be made that allow a plumber to access the pipes without having to remove your entire concrete surface. Once the repairs are made, new concrete can be poured to replace the areas that have been cut out. 

You Are Installing Lights or Rails on a Concrete Surface

Another common reason why you may need to hire a concrete cutting service is because you are looking to install railings or lights on a concrete surface. Patios, decks, and stairs can all be made from concrete. If you want to install a railing on your stairs or deck, or you want to install flat lights on the deck, patio, or stairs, you will need to cut the concrete so the posts for the rails or the lights fight inside the concrete. Concrete cutting can cut small, precise cuts so these items can be installed. 

You Need to Repair a Concrete Surface

The final reason why you may need to hire a concrete cutting service is because you need to repair a concrete surface. If a concrete surface is damage, cutting may be needed for repairs. A hole may need to be cut or drilled to allow for soil stabilization below the concrete surface, whereas a square of the concrete may need to be cut out and removed for heavily damaged concrete sections. A professional can help you determine what needs to happen to your concrete in order for it to be repaired. 

There are different methods that are used to cut concrete, depending on the thickness of the concrete that is present, the reason why you need to cut concrete and to prevent damage to anything that may be blow the concrete, such as rebar. Contact concrete cutting services like Greene Concrete Cutting Inc today to discuss your job and to obtain an estimate for concrete cutting services. 

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