Please Do Not Attempt To Paint Your Concrete Floor Yourself

Painting a concrete floor sounds easy; maybe you've even done it yourself at home in your garage. In an industrial setting, however, painting a concrete floor is rather different. Not only are you dealing with a larger area, but you also have to keep the company bottom line in mind and get the area back into working order on a timely schedule. Add to this the myriad of choices you face when looking for the right type of floor paint, and your industrial painting job can turn into a nightmare. This is why it's better to have an industrial painting company finish the job for you.

Finding the Right Type of Paint Application

Does your floor need a slurry-type application? Maybe it needs a spray application instead. And what type of paint? Rather than wade through all the choices yourself, and possibly choosing one that will take longer to apply and not be as durable as you'd like, consult with the paint company and have them recommend the best type. Let them apply it, too, because they'll already know how to do it, while you might have a steep learning curve if you've never used the paint before.

Knowing What to Do to Prevent Mistakes

That prior knowledge is gold because, when you need to get that floor covered and then get the company back to work, you can't afford to make mistakes. That paint company will know how to prevent problems that could ruin the concrete. You might be able to prevent the major issues, but if you've never used that type of paint before, or have never painted that large an area before, you could allow not-so-common mistakes to flourish simply because you didn't realize they were a potential problem.

Deciding When to Let Workers Bring Furniture and Machinery Back In

When paint dries, it needs to do more than just dry. It needs to cure and become tough enough to withstand people walking on it and dragging things like carts across it without flaking or becoming imprinted with shoe and wheel prints. The painting company will have worked on enough floors to know when yours will really be ready. You'll know when you can bring furniture, machinery, and other business items back onto the floor without creating damage.

Painting your own concrete floor at home in a smaller space is fine. For larger industrial applications, however, leave it to the pros. The job will get done more quickly and with as few problems as possible -- and you'll likely have a warranty.

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