Why Polished Concrete Floors Are Becoming Popular In Residential Construction

Polished concrete floors are extremely popular in commercial and retail buildings. However, they are also becoming trendy and commonly used in residential properties. There are many great reasons to choose to polish concrete. It can create a fun, modern style in your home, it is easy to take care of, and it is very affordable. That is, creating a polished concrete floor in your home, using your existing concrete subfloors is much more affordable than installing a brand-new flooring material like laminate or tile. This article explains how the process works and why polished concrete floors are great for residential properties.

How to Process Works

The process of creating a polished concrete floor is very easy if you already have concrete subfloors. Basically, whatever your existing flooring material is needs to be removed. Some flooring materials are easier to remove than others. For instance, removing linoleum or carpet will be very simple compared to removing mortar and tile. Basically, your existing floor material will be removed, Exposing the concrete underneath. The concrete within be thoroughly cleaned. Then, the floor experts will fill in every crack or hole in the concrete. These natural looking patches add to the industrial style of the concrete floor. They might also need to grind down any bumps or high spots in your floor to make it flatter. At this point, the floor is sanded so it is relatively smooth. The final step is the polishing, which is done with heavy duty machinery that gives even the oldest, roughest concrete a shiny finish.

The Perks of Polished Concrete

One of the best thing about creating a polished concrete floor is that is a very eco-friendly process. Of course, the process is also much more affordable then the Installation of a brand-new flooring product. You aren't buying or are adding any extra products (besides the small amounts of concrete patch) or anything harmful to the environment. It is also a very popular material because it is so easy to take care of. Polished concrete is waterproof, so you can clean it easily with a vacuum or broom.

Polished concrete floors can look extremely chic. They are perfectly on trend when you consider how popular cold colors like gray and blue currently are. It is definitely a unique flooring choice when it comes to residential properties, but it is bound to just become more and more popular among homeowners. Contact a company, like Clean Force Concrete Corp., for more help.

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