Concrete Countertop Questions And Concerns Addressed

There are many options that you can choose when it comes to installing new countertops in your home. For those that are undertaking this home improvement project for the first time, it might be easy to be uninformed about choices. In particular, it can be common for homeowners to overlook the option of using finished concrete for their countertops.

Will Concrete Offer Advantages Over Traditional Stone Countertops?

Natural stone can be one of the most common choices for homeowners that are wanting to upgrade their countertops. However, natural stone can be remarkably expensive, and it may be beyond your budget for this project. Luckily, concrete countertops can be an economical and aesthetically appealing option. In fact, it can be common for concrete countertops to cost a fraction of what you would need to pay for a stone countertop.

How Can You Keep Concrete Countertops From Staining?

Stains can be a major problem for countertops because it can be easy to accidentally spill food, liquid or other substances on the countertop. Due to the fact that concrete is a porous material, it can be relatively easy for stains to form as pigments can seep through the concrete's surface pores. Once these stains form, they can be extremely difficult to remove, and it may require sanding or removing part of the countertop to correct.

Luckily, stain prevention is relatively simple when it comes to concrete. Typically, you can protect the surface of your countertops by simply applying a sealant and quickly cleaning any substances that spill on the countertop. This sealant will slow the process of the pigments soaking into the concrete's pores, but prolonged exposure to spills can allow them enough time to soak through this protective coating.  

If Your Concrete Countertop Is Chipped Or Cracked, Can It Be Repaired?

It can be remarkably easy for you to accidentally drop a heavy pot or pan on the countertop. This can chip and crack the countertop, which will need to be repaired to protect the structural integrity of the concrete. If you fail to repair the concrete in a timely fashion, it can allow the damage to spread and further compromise the countertop.

Repairing a concrete countertop can be somewhat more challenging than repairing other concrete surfaces. This is due to the fact the concrete will be polished and finished. Fortunately, an experienced contractor will be able to quickly repair these damages by applying a resin to the concrete that will close the gap. To ensure this repair matches the rest of the countertop, these professionals will sand and polish the resin to keep it as discreet as possible. For more information, contact a business such as Designing With Concrete.

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