About The Problems Of A Septic Tank System

Does your rural house use a septic tank system that has been causing a large amount of problems? The ease of resolving the problems will depend on the specific issues that you are having. The type of septic tank that is installed will also play a role in the type of repairs that might need to be done. This article covers some of the things that you should know in regards to a problematic septic tank system.

Waste Sits Around Your Landscape

There are a few reasons why waste from the plumbing system might sit in a landscape. For example, the problem can stem from the septic tank having cracks in it. Concrete tanks are the ones that can develop cracks after being installed for so long, but they are also the most reliable. A contractor can inspect the tank and may be able to fill the cracks in, but you might need to invest in getting a new concrete tank installed. Keep in mind that clogged up drainfield lines is another thing that can cause wastewater to rise to the surface of your yard and sit there.

Plumbing Pipes Are Always Backed Up

When you are dealing with plumbing pipes constantly becoming backed up, it might be due to there being a lot of waste inside of the septic tank. The main job of the tank is to separate solid waste from water. The water is then released from the tank, which simply flows into the drainfield lines. Solid waste is left inside of the tank, and it must be pumped out in order for the plumbing system to function properly. It is possible that there is too much waste in the tank for additional waste to fit inside. The additional waste ends up traveling back into the plumbing pipes, which backs up plumbing fixtures.

The Odor of Sewage Is in Your House

When you begin smelling sewage in your house that can't be pinpointed, it might mean that the septic tank system is in need of an inspection. The odor can stem from the tank having a leak or pumping needing to be done. The odor can also come from the exterior of your house if the drainfield lines are not functioning as they should. The best way to get to the bottom of the problem is with the assistance of a septic system contractor. He or she might recommend that your system is replaced altogether.

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