Demolishing Concrete: Techniques That Break Up Concrete For Removal

Whether you have a concrete pad in your yard that you no longer want, or you are trying to replace some concrete steps, your first problem to solve is demolishing the concrete. This can be difficult work, and some homeowners leave it up to the professionals. If you want to remove some concrete on your property, or you need to do some extensive concrete repairs, the following techniques are often used to break up concrete for removal.

Expansive Grouts

Trying to remove concrete can quickly become a messy, dusty job. Expansive grouts, such as Ecobust for example, are simple to use. You will need to be able to drill holes in the concrete that are 1 1/2 inches wide, and at a depth that is at eighty percent of the concrete you are trying to break up. For a small job, such as a concrete pad, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. If the job requires much deeper holes, you may consider hiring a contractor to do the work for you. Simply drill the holes, pour in the expansive grout and wait a couple of hours. The grout will expand, cracking the concrete at it expands. This is one method that does not use any explosives and is one of the safer methods.

The Traditional Jackhammer

Loud noises, vibrations, and dust should come to mind when considering concrete breaking using a traditional jackhammer. While this is an effective method to break up concrete, it is very messy and causes a noise disturbance. If it's a small job, the jackhammer will work fine. If the job will require you to use a jackhammer for hours, there are other methods to consider that are easier.

Microblasting to Remove Concrete

While you don't need a special license to use microblasting on your concrete, you do need some training in order to do this correctly. Microblasting is a way to break concrete from within, a strategy that requires much less force than breaking concrete from the outside as with a jackhammer. This strategy requires you to work with a small amount of explosive powder, as a microblast is created to break the concrete from the inside. This is less messy than using actual dynamite, and causes less debris to fly. Call a professional if you want to have your cement removed using microblasting to see if you should consider doing the job yourself.

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