Preparation To Keep People And Belongings Safe When Removing A Concrete Patio

If you have an old concrete patio slab in your backyard, and you are interested in utilizing the space to build an aesthetically pleasing alternative such as pavers or stone, hiring a concrete contractor to do the job is the best way to ensure the slab is removed safely and in its entirety. Use the following tips in preparation for the concrete removal process to protect people and your belongings from safety issues.

Prepare Yourself And Others For The Day Of The Procedure

When scheduling the destruction of your concrete patio, consider the sound level that will be present during the process. It is best to inform neighbors of your intentions so they are not upset when they discover they will have a day where loud noise is imminent. It is a good idea to greet your contractor and then leave the area for the day to protect yourself and your family from noise pollution. 

Cover Windows And Protect Belongings From Unnecessary Damage

Since the concrete removal service will be using jack hammers to break apart the slab, there is a risk of pieces being projected toward your home in the process. To protect your investment, cover windows with pieces of plywood so cracks or chips do not occur. Remove any lawn furniture and outdoor decor so the slab is exposed and to keep them from becoming damaged during the removal process. Hang tarps along exterior walls to protect siding as well.

Take Pictures Of The Patio Area For Insurance Reasons And To See Progress

It is a good idea to take pictures of your unaltered concrete patio as well as your home's exterior before the concrete company comes to do their job. This will come in handy if you need to put in an insurance claim due to accidental damage to your property or home as a result of the procedure. The photographs can also be used as a reminder of what your home used to look like after you have alterations made to your landscape. 

Decide On The Fate Of The Old Pieces Of Concrete

After the project is completed, you will want to remove old concrete from the area to avoid injury and to improve the look of your land. Some concrete contractors will dispose of old pieces of concrete for an added cost, so it is best to inquire before the job is begun. If your hired company does not offer this service, you will need to find a recycling center that accepts material from demolition and remodeling projects. Another idea is to reuse the concrete pieces to construct a stacked garden wall. This will give you a reminder of the old patio in a unique way.

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